From trauma to transformation (and a brand launch during a pandemic)

Depression, however way you spin it, eventually goes in one or two ways: it either takes you down or it is acknowledged and you’re brought up.

In reality, I was an utter complete and broken mess. Inside and outside, I felt like I had nothing to live for, though perhaps I was still needed for my husband and my children.

… it imbued a vitality within my soul that I decided to use to maximize my potential.

This experience of scent made me realize that I need to experience life again. Scent clearly showed me that there’s more beauty in the world to appreciate. Slowly, I climbed out of the shell that I had built around myself during my darkest moments but especially the one that had closed in on me since the birth of my firstborn. I started by going to stores and experimenting with various perfumes, learning about notes and the three layers of perfume (top, middle, and base notes; perfumes tell their own stories). I read books. I watched documentaries. I joined online communities. I bought products and samples and asked my local freecycles for their old perfumes. Besides the many gems, I got many old, expired, and rancid perfumes too! I learned that there’s so much to appreciate through the nose, and yet, how was I to share this message with the world?

Legit. 2014 vs 2019. I barely posed for photos in the interim.

Fragrance can be an anchor to the present, and this intention is something that I believe everyone can revisit throughout the day simply by holding your wrist up to your nose and taking a split second to breathe in.

Right now more than ever, we’re doing the socially responsible thing by staying indoors. But that feeling of being indoors is rather isolating. More importantly, the pain of being distant from our social circles and loved ones is difficult for us as humans to sustain for these prolonged periods. We don’t feel beautiful and don’t love ourselves the way we should. Yet, that was my mission even before COVID-19 shook the planet. Now, more than ever, this message needs to be heard, felt, and smelled.



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